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Donations Account-Germany:

  Elternhilfe für Kinder mit RETT- Syndrom e.V.                                                    

Volksbank Göttingen
BLZ:        260 900 50(bank number)
Kto. Nr.:  149 555 001
(account number)

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Mrs. Elli Fleischauer has written a book for children.
The writer donates all profit of the sales to a german research project!

The price of the book is 9,9 € and can be ordered in any bookstore
ISBN Nr.: 3-8311-2779-4, Titel: 
"Die Abenteuer der kleinen Hexe Hatschi-nie"

Donations for research directly related to Michelle:

The company Rittal has donated in 2001 for research!

The company Thöt has donated in 2001 for research!

The company Logisoft has donated in 2001 for research!

Mr. Peter Krebs has donated in 2001 for  research!

Special thanks to Robert Tate for helping to translate into the English-version!