Hi, my name is  Michelle

I was born the 24th of April 1995 in Ehringshausen, 
a small town near Gießen, Germany.

My mom is Beatriz Gordon- Schmidt (from Mexico)
and my father is Thorsten Schmidt (from Germany)

we live in Herbornseelbach- Germany, sometimes
 in Huixtla, Chiapas- Mexico, or Mexico- City.

Although I`m six  years old, I still can`t walk, crawl, sit or speak.
Since February 2000, we know the diagnosis:  Rett-Syndrome.

This is a rare disease, which, as we know nowadys,
 is caused by a rare gene- mutation

I want to tell about me and this illness here, because I think that, as long as this illness is unknown,

no main importance will be put in the investigation of the same.

But exactly this is mine and many other Rett- girls- hope, to be able one day, to treat some of the symptoms succcessfully.

Learn more about me and our illness here, 
and help to announce and support the research for 
the Rett- Syndrom!